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Welcome to the DMB Fit Crew 2023 Tour Set List Auction! 

DMB Fit Crew is a music-inspired philanthropic fitness organization.  Driven by the positive vibe we get from our favorite music, we built a community of support where we work together to impact wellness and mobilize that energy through fundraising.


This collection of set lists was created by Ian, one of DMB’s long-time sound engineers, comprising the entire 2023 summer tour including the three May Mexico shows.  These are authentic, show-night set lists from the same stack used onstage by the band and backstage by the crew and techs. These set lists were gifted to DMB Fit Crew for use in doing what we do best: being active in raising funds for charity while sharing the joy that is DMB.


Proceeds from highest bids on summer set
lists benefit the Carol M. Baldwin Breast
Cancer Research Fund supported by Team
Baldwin's running of the 2024 Berlin Marathon. 


Proceeds from second highest bids contribute to expenses incurred while operating our volunteer-run philanthropic activities (currently approximately $950 annually) in 2023 and 2024. 

The 2023 Auction has ended!  All setlist winners have been notified via email.
Check back to see our donation grand totals in December.
THANK YOU to the band, crew, DMB Fit Crew, and bidders for this amazing opportunity.

  • Up for bid is each of 45 individual set lists (42 official summer tour stops and 3 May Mexico shows) AND a 2023 Summer Tour Collection of all 45 setlists. 

  • This is a sealed bid silent auction.  You will not be able to see others’ bids.  

  • Bidding will be open during the DMB 2023 Fall Tour, noon EST 11/7/23 through 11:59pm EST 11/18/23.  Bids placed before noon EST 11/7/23 or after 11:59pm EST 11/18/23 are void.

  • Your bid should represent the highest amount you would donate in order to win the item(s) not including the $9 (combined) shipping fee.  There is a $27 minimum bid on each individual setlist.   

  • If the highest bid is made by three or more participants, all bidders at that amount will be notified by email with a 24 hour window to submit another bid.  This will continue until a highest and second-highest bid is determined.

  • Participants have the option to bid on individual show set lists AND/OR the Summer Tour Collection.  There will be either two winners for each show (highest and second-highest bid) OR one winner for each individual set list and one winner of a Summer Tour Collection:

    • The highest bidder on individual set lists will win that individual set list.

    • If the highest bid on the Summer Tour Collection exceeds the sum of all the second-highest bids on the individual setlists, that bid wins the Summer Tour Collection and remaining individual setlist bidders are outbid.

    • If the highest bid on the Summer Tour Collection does not exceed the sum of the second-highest bids on individual setlists, that bid does not win the Summer Tour Collection and the second-highest bid on each individual setlist wins each individual setlist.

    • All amounts referenced above will be determined at the conclusion of bidding.​​


    • If the highest bid on the FALL Tour Collection exceeds the sum of all the highest bids on the individual FALL setlists, that bid wins the FALL Tour Collection and remaining individual FALL setlist bidders are outbid.

    • If the highest bid on the FALL Tour Collection does not exceed the sum of the highest bids on individual FALL setlists, that bid does not win the FALL Tour Collection and the highest bid on each individual FALL setlist wins each individual FALL setlist.

  • If your bid is the winner at the conclusion of bidding you will be notified via email.  You will have 48 hours to submit your donation and shipping fee according to the instructions in your confirmation email (donations to the charity will be made directly to the charity; proof of donation will be required and confirmed with the charity).  If you do not complete the donation instructions within the 48 hour period, your bid will become void, the next highest bidder will become the item winner, and you will be ineligible to bid on future DMB Fit Crew charity auctions.

  • All set lists will be shipped as parcels via USPS and insured for the dollar amount of the donation.  Winners will be notified of shipping date and tracking number.

  • You may place as many bids as you would like.  A separate Donation Bid Form is required for each bid.

  • Open to U.S. Residents 18 years of age or older.  Void where prohibited.

Auction Terms & Conditions

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Concert Crowd

2023 Auction Has Ended

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