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It all started with a love for DMB and a goal to get fit in time for The Gorge.  From there we discovered a community where DMB fam members love to reach fitness goals with our favorite music turned way up.

From the very beginning this group has radiated love, support, and positivity.  We instinctively wanted to direct that good, good vibe toward the causes and organizations dear to our hearts, so we ran with it!

DMB FIT CREW is an example of the practice of Cultural Emergence, an intentional shift in individual behaviors with the goal of building a community mobilized to effect change on the large scale. 

Cultural Emergence requires that we become aware of our current state, educate ourselves, set goals for improvement, and commit to taking action toward those goals.  Personal fitness is a great application for the "taking action" phase of this work, and also happens to be the main reason we're all here.  But our activities go beyond losing weight and inches and gaining strength and mileage; we are following the lead of the band and crew in shining our light while we've got one to leave the world better than we found it.

"We gotta do much more than believe
If we really wanna change things."
-Gaucho, Dave Matthews Band

Our Mission

Our Mission

Paying forward that good, good DMB love, our Fit Crew encourages a healthy body, spirit, community, and planet through fitness-focused philanthropy

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Shine Your Light While You've Got One

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